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Personalize the Windows Command Prompt

This tutorial will help you to personalize Command line interfaces. By default, Windows Command Prompt is white text on a black background, if you want to add some color and change the font style &  size, follow the below steps.


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How to Run a Program as an Administrator in Windows 7

This tutorial will help run a program administrator with full rights and privileges in Windows 7. A Standard user will still not be able to run a program without getting a UAC, or prompt for administrator’s password.  Only trusted user can be granted admin rights, once UAC is applied, the program will have full access to your computer.

Method 1

Step 1

Using Keyboard shortcuts press and hold Ctrl+Shift, opening the program. User Account control screen will prompt. Click Yes button will allow the program to run with full permission as an Administrator.


This will allow you to temporarily run a program as an administrator once until you close it.
• As standard user instead of an administrator you need to provide the administrator’s password before the running a program as administrator.

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